This Is Why We Do It

Across all departments, teams waste hundreds of hours every year simply bringing their information and statistics together.

In order to get their job done, they need many tools such as a CRM, marketing automation platforms, social media management systems, as well as those used to collect payments. These tools are more important than ever before in providing the customer with a seamless journey from start to finish. However, despite many tools connecting with each other, the inability to create a simple dashboard with focused statistics from across the stack is a problem that Atlanta MMO is here to solve.

Atlanta MMO is a cross-platform analytics dashboard that enables teams to unify data from the tools they know and love to gain one high-level overview.

Our Culture

At Atlanta MMO, we believe that employees thrive best when they are part of a team that shares the same company values and vision, and can work together side-by-side, or independently, on a wide range of projects.

Through inclusive events that celebrate diversity and team days both inside and outside of the office, we are always building on our internal relationships in order to promote trust and open communication within the company.

We know that employee wellbeing is the absolute key to promoting great company culture and enabling our team to be the best version of themselves both at work and at home. For this reason, we make personal wellbeing choices an accessible option for everyone, both on-site and remote, with our weekly yoga sessions, mental health support and an annual Masterclass subscription that aids both personal and professional development in a wide range of skills.