Mobile App Company

In 2017 brands will spend almost 50% of their $220billion advertising budget delivering digital media content that is delivered using means other than their own products. In the $319 billion gift giving industry gift messaging is often a bottleneck to faster checkout , limited to typed message or an e-card which requires redirecting recipient to a website to retrieve the message, and such messages do not remain associated with the gift overtime.
ZIPPYAR mobile technology enables products and gifts to directly stream customized video messages to an individual or any recipient type. Message recipients can create message replies and revenue generating transactions through content augmentation. The use of our patent pending technology enables faster checkout and message with personalized video content. ZIPPYAR is at the intersection of QRCode, NFC, Cloud, AR and AI augmenting the relationship between brands and consumers. ZIPPYAR enables products to speak and we allow consumers to respond.

Zippyar Android app is currently in beta testing and you can see the app working on the following video: