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Who’d You?

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from thrust

You know that game ‘Who’d You Rather?’ Now there’s an App for that!

Who’d You? is the fun and funny, pop culture, gossip game that you can play with your friends!

There are new celebrity quizzes (“Whodyous”) to weigh-in on every day. Pick a side, then ask your friends what they think. Debate, defend, and discuss your celebrity picks in group chat.

You can even create your own hilarious or impossible celebrity Whodyous.

Can’t find the celeb you’re looking for? Just request they be added.

Over 500 celebrity choices include:
– Actors & Actresses
– Singers & Musicians
– TV Personalities & Reality Stars
– Professional Athletes & Entertainers
– Politicians & Business Executives
– Models and lots more!

So, ask yourself (and then ask your friends):

1) Who’d you rather unfriend immediately and have that person notified? Ryan Seacrest or Simon Cowell

2) Who’d you want as your getaway driver in a bank robbery? Vin Diesel or Jared Leto

3) Who’d you rather see sporting a man bun? Adam Levine or Leonardo DiCaprio

4) Who’d you think has thrown up on a stranger? Will Arnett or Will Ferrell

5) Who’d you rather see do a Reality TV show? Ryan Reynolds or Mila Kunis

6) Who’d you think is more likely to be late to their own birthday party? Jennifer Lawrence or Lena Dunham

7) Who’d you think will look better at 65? Scarlett Johansson or Blake Lively

8) Who’d you rather receive marriage counseling from? Bill Clinton or Ozzy Osbourne

9) Who’d you think has talked their way out of a traffic ticket? Danica Patrick or Kate Upton

10) Who’d you think said “I love you” first? Michelle Obama or Barack Obama