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SPLT is an enterprise-first ridesharing app and service that connects employees within organizations to share their commute. SPLT helps more people get to work by eliminating the financial barrier of owning a car and minimizing monetary and time costs of public transportation, yielding economic growth. The SPLT platform is a transportation solution for employers, universities and municipalities. The product can assist governments and municipalities through reduced traffic and pollution, reduced wear and tear on roads, enhancements to community building and engagement. Both together and separately these benefits increase a city’s livability. The product functions as a 21st century B2B commuter “smart” carpool service for employers seeking to provide a much needed transportation solution to employees. SPLT records the amount of CO2 emissions reduced as well as miles saved, helping companies meet CSR requirements. Employees save approximately $5,000/year when using SPLT moderately and arrive to work in improved moods causing greater productivity. Advanced features will allow users to share rides with companies located in similar vicinities or along common corridors. SPLT allows users to pick who they share a ride with, eliminating common hesitations of ridesharing.

Carpool platforms are fundamentally a dual-sided market and the killer feature of SPLT is a rewards-point based system created by our in-house economist. The system dynamically generates rewards for both drivers and passengers based on the participation rate. This helps adjust the ratio between drivers and riders on a daily basis. Because employers are the customers, we are able to work with them to build out the reward programs with monetary, physical, and virtual rewards. This can be cash or gift cards, products or gadgets, and also badges and trophies inside the app. This is part of the intellectual property that SPLT has developed to protect its competitiveness in the marketplace. This unique feature-set appeals to employers, many of who are searching for methods to retain and attract workers, and provide additional benefits. The SPLT platform lets users connect with someone new to potentially spice up their otherwise boring commute. SPLT gives users complete control over their ridesharing experience.

SPLT’s core product is carpooling with a vision of becoming an integral part of the multimodal, smart-city future, providing mobility access to all. We spent the last two years building out a very powerful ridematching engine that helps get people to work on time. Earlier this year Jean Redfield suggested that we use our software to help another group of folks: the underserved, reach their doctors’ appointments on time. In May, while our team was in Mountain View for Google Demo Day, Lyft proposed to create a partnership to improve the $5 Billion a year Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) Industry.