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from Plutonium Apps

Pulse is a haptic metronome that uses the watchOS haptic engine to deliver haptic “pulses” that let musicians FEEL the tempo while playing. Although Pulse was initially intended for musicians to feel the beat tapping on their wrist, we have over 45,000 amazing users who have used Pulse to do incredible things: a paramedic used Pulse to maintain consistent chest compressions during CPR to save a man’s life, a dance instructor uses Pulse to help keep tempo while teaching a dancing class aimed at empowering young women, a U.S. Olympic Shooter uses Pulse to regulate his breaths to ensure pinpoint accuracy, and an elderly woman uses Pulse to ensure she doesn’t breathe too many times per minute due to an infection in her larynx. As you can see, Pulse grew from a small metronome app to a powerful, multipurpose haptic tool that has quite literally helped saved lives.