Mobile App

Orderly is an Atlanta-based restaurant technology startup. We’re focused on helping independent restaurants and chains implement better processes for running their businesses through easy-to-use mobile apps.

We’ve built the Orderly App to solve 4 key problems every restaurant struggles with: 1) the messy trail of paper invoices created from daily deliveries by multiple vendors; 2) the detailed data entry required to manage those invoices through the accounting process; 3) the lack of real time visibility into food spend and pricing information; and 4) time-consuming inventory processes that involve spreadsheets, data entry, and price look up.

The reality is that restaurants have been notoriously underserved by technology. Today, most restaurant business processes are manual – think paper, pencils and clipboards. And the technology that’s available is largely antiquated. It’s an industry that’s dominated by server-based hardware and software systems with long setup times and high costs.

The massive shift in mobile technology that has taken place over the last 5 years has bypassed the restaurant industry. Despite the fact that we’re a mobile-first society, the restaurant industry hasn’t participated.

Orderly has finally delivered modern technology to the restaurant industry. The Orderly App is mobile, it takes minutes to set up, is easy to use, and is based on technology everyone’s familiar with: the mobile phone.

The Orderly App is a feature-rich mobile app that includes paperless invoicing, automated accounting, price alerts, food spend data, and inventory. With a sophisticated yet simple mobile app, restaurants can throw away the 20 – 40 paper invoices they receive every week, eliminate 100% of the data entry for accounting, get daily price notifications and food spend information on their phones, and cut inventory time by 50%. The result for restaurants is increased efficiency, more time, and more money.

Orderly offers free and paid versions of the app, both of which are 10X better than anything that’s available on the market today. It’s a mobile app every restaurant should be using for invoicing and inventory.

The Orderly App gives restaurants paperless invoicing and painless inventory with easy-to-use technology. It’s a major departure from the clunky hardware and software the restaurant industry is used to and follows a major trend in technology today: do-it-for-me mobile apps for small businesses.

The most distinct feature of the Orderly App is its do-it-for-me approach to technology. Restaurants simply snap a photo of an invoice and the app does the rest. It stores invoices in an online file cabinet by date and supplier. The app then automatically scrapes all line item detail from the invoices and prepares accounting General Ledger reports for the restaurant. Every time a price increases, the app sends users a notification. And when it comes to inventory, the app sets up a restaurant’s existing inventory spreadsheet online and updates prices automatically when a new invoice price appears.

The app saves restaurant managers dozens of hours a week managing paper invoices, eliminates 100% of the data entry for accounting, cuts time to inventory by 50% and saves them thousands of dollars a quarter on food spend.