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It started as a high school rivalry in baseball. Roman Grimaldi and Jerry Slutzky transitioned from opponents on the field, to teammates at the University of North Florida and now co-founders of Moxie Sports. The two grew up playing sports of all kinds: baseball, basketball, football, you name it. Throughout their amateur sports careers as players and later as coaches, they consistently suffered from the same issue: scheduling. Grimaldi explains that during his career, schedules were still pinned onto a board, weather was repeatedly a problematic factor that threw scheduling off, players consistently showed up late and at times he’d play in tournaments of 500+ teams that would all fall victim to the inefficiencies of updated scheduling.

They decided to take the leap forward, found Moxie Sports and create an iOS app, something native that functioned very well. The app functions as a utility app and not matter the amount of teams you want to coach or the number of teams you want to follow, you have all the information in one app at one time. Whether you’re a coach, athlete or parent of an athlete, you are privy to the information and updates through the Moxie Sports app. Instead of having to search through a mass of emails and text messages to find information, the app provides seamlessly available information in one singular source.

The app not only allows for coaches to set a schedule that is available to anyone following the team, but if there are changes made to the schedule, a push notification is sent out to all users. This is a revelation for sports teams that have been plagued with traditional ways of communication for decades.