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from stable|kernel

Materiall is an app that simplifies the process of discovering and shopping for furniture. Founder Christopher Sandman was in a bind when he tried to find special pieces of furniture for his new home. He struggled with the time-consuming process of driving from shop to shop, leaving empty handed most of the time because he couldn’t find pieces that matched his taste. He believed there must be a better way to shop for furniture to find pieces that fit a consumer’s inspiration, style and budget. Material developed an app that allows users to scroll through different furniture options, swiping right to save favorites and left to discard. The app provides the user with endless options while tailoring suggestions to their taste and response.

The app has a beautiful user experience that facilitates user discovery and curation of furniture style preferences through a recommendation engine that learns user preferences based on swipes made by the user to save or discard furniture items. The app creates a personalized account of the user’s likes and dislikes, providing recommendations based on their tastes. The more the user interacts with the app, the more personalized the experience becomes.

Users create different ‘projects’ or rooms and then add items to it by swiping left or right through an inventory of furniture from more than 40 online retailers, creating a more expansive library of the user’s taste. If the user wants to purchase a piece of furniture, the app takes them directly to the brand’s eCommerce site for on-the-spot purchase. With continued use, the app garners a more refined idea of the user’s likes and dislikes. An additional feature we built in the first round of development was a well-established system of categories and subcategories to help the customer to sift through the many furniture options. Some of these categories include color, style and size.

Not only does Materiall help consumers discover better furniture shopping options, Materiall also helps national retailers get discovered. The app puts their products in the hands of furniture buyers who wouldn’t otherwise know about their products.