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IHG Translator

Mobile App / Apple Watch

from IHG

The goal of many travelers is to experience a destination just as a local would and, while experiencing it, to make the most of their getaway- whether for business or pleasure. IHG, one of the world’s leading hotel companies, released the highly-rated IHG® Translator App for Apple Watch™ users with these goals in mind. The app’s main focus is to give travelers access to on-demand translations, virtually anywhere in the world.

IHG® Translator App adopts the most popular features from its mobile predecessor, allowing users to ‘travel like a local’, whatever their choice of device. By speaking directly into the watch, or selecting from a range of pre-loaded common phrases, travelers are able to translate from English into 13 different languages, in real-time. Translations appear instantly on the screen of the device in the chosen language, giving travelers the chance to read the word or phrase, with the help of phonetic spelling, in casual, formal or slang form.

Now, experiencing a destination like a local has become easier, smoother and more innovative than ever before.
Michael Menis, Senior Vice President for Digital and Voice Channels at IHG, commented: “At IHG we know that for today’s consumer, technology is fundamental to driving superior experiences across the entire Guest Journey. We are committed to helping travelers make the most of their experience, wherever they are in the world, be it through a personal computer, mobile device or wearable technology. We’re excited to have a version of our IHG Translator App ready for Apple Watch.”
IHG’s® Translator App was one of the first of its kind to be released when the Apple Watch hit consumers radars. On top of the ease it adds to the consumer who loves to travel, the app also allows travelers to immerse themselves in the culture of their destination of choice, something that is missing in many other translation tools. With the help of the IHG® Translator App, users are able to phonetically speak their destination’s language in casual, formal and slang form. Connecting to a destination has never been more seamless.

Additionally, the IHG® Translator App was hailed prior to its release by Mashable, Time.com, hospitalitynet.org and many other news outlets for its addition to the Apple Watch™ marketplace.