Mobile App

Ichor is a wellness system founded in data aggregation and analytics. We connect popular wearable devices such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch to our powerful health and wellness system to provide users the ability to drive outcomes using actionable analytics. We focus on four different market verticals: Collegiate Sports, Independent/Assisted Living, Online PE, and Personal Fitness Coaching. Each market brings individual challenges, but our solution is able to meet the needs of each in a personalized way.

In college athletics we are the first 24/7 wellness monitoring system. We focus on in-practice exertion and out-of-practice recovery/nutrition. Our system allows coaches to monitor training loads and recovery over time in a way that is proven to reduce injury and increase performance. We use our mobile application for our athletes to allow them to monitor their progress and see how they stack up to their team. We are also the only system on the market that is priced so that we can sell to both large budget teams such as Football and small budget teams such as Men’s/Women’s Golf. Our system is currently in use at Institutions as large as Alabama, as small as Young Harris, and everything in between.

In the assisted/independent living world we are the only platform around that uses the same sexy hardware that seniors have started seeing on their grandkids. We believe that senior dignity and social inclusion are things that are far too often left out of wellness planning, so those topics are the center of our development. We focus on connecting seniors with peers and family through activity challenges all while we gathering other wellness data such as sleep, heart rate, and calories burned, etc. in the background. These social interactions and physical activities help seniors become acquainted with a technology that is simple to use and benefits them in ways that go beyond getting more steps in each day. We also add gamification using leaderboards and other tools to encourage activity and social interaction which is proven to lead to decreased mortality, depression, and an overall better quality of life. For the millions of seniors who do not use smart phones we have built “Automatic Syncing Stations” that grab the data from their wearable devices when in range and transmit it to our cloud. We also give families access to our mobile application so they can constantly check in on their loved ones.

In Georgia, and several other states around the country a PE credit is required to graduate from high school; however, there are thousands of students that are not able to take a PE credit on site for any number of reasons. In this case they use an online PE class which mandates that the students perform a certain number of activities per week to receive their grade. For this, our Ichor backend attaches to popular fitness trackers to automatically recognize those activities and pull that data into a weekly/monthly report for the teacher. This eliminates the need for students to self-report data and gets close to automating the teachers gradebook. This helps students know exactly what needs to be done to be successful in the class and helps the teacher free up time by allowing her to grade hundreds of students objectively in a simple, efficient way. Not only are we making grading process objective, we are also allowing the incorporation of technology into lesson plans. Through these measures, Ichor saves teachers hundreds of valuable hours.

Lastly, in the personal fitness coaching realm we allow fitness trainers to increase the number of clients they work with by removing geography as a barrier. Our system allows trainers to build custom plans for their clients and monitor their progress using heart rate, distance, pace, training load, and other metrics.