Mobile App

We aim to re-write the future of golf and reignite a stagnant industry through the power of user-generated content and social media.

As the #1 ranked golf app in the App Store and we’re revolutionizing the social media experience for the golf world. We empower golfers to create, share, and explore better content. Specifically, our app allows users to create and share photos and videos using overlays, such as ball tracers, personalized scoreboards, and golf crowds. As we continue to grow and innovate we aim to build on our core features, plus create an immersive on course content experience through augmented reality and machine learning. We’ll also serve as the “go-to” platform for brands to create and deploy scalable user generated content marketing campaigns to reach golfers.

We live in a world fueled by user-generated content. Millions of photos and videos are shared on social media by golfers each month. Our opportunity is to create a more exciting experience around sharing, leading to higher engagement among golfers within gottaGolf and across other social apps. This user content represents one of the fastest growing marketing channels in the world. Thus, our secondary opportunity is to empower brands and golf courses to tap into the social reach of user-generated content via sponsored overlays, creating valuable organic engagement with golfers. There are no other companies focused primarily on golf content enhancement.

There is a significant market opportunity and we aim to dominate the niche of content marketing to golfers:
• 18MM+ golfers who share 15MM+ golf photos and videos on social media each month.
• Digital advertising to reach golfers: $10B, growth rate of 15% per year
• Content marketing to reach golfers: $1B, growth rate of 50% per year