Mobile App

Embr is a B2B portfolio of branded and customized digital engagement products for the education industry, unifying website and applications. Our solution simplifies processes, increasing engagement and reduces the noise and clutter. Our portfolio of product include embrSD – a digital engagement suite for schools and districts streamlining communications with parents, students and their communities. And we know how important those team colors and mascots are, so we build them into your app, so you can show your School Spirit. And embrASSOC – Digital engagement suite for associations to streamline communications, document processing, and increase engagement of communities and constituents. Ultimately generating an impact on what is important, student learning. While MAD-learn (Mobile Application Development) is a curriculum program for students who are interested in learning about the fundamentals of mobile app design and development. The goal of MAD-learn is to inspire student creativity and entrepreneurship by creating a movement that encourages Student Designed Apps, without the intimation of learning how to code.