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from azularc

Diabetes+Me is a cloud based software platform used by patients with diabetes and their healthcare team. The objective is to achieve better outcomes in diabetes management by leveraging the power of data analytics and predictive modeling to make targeted treatment decisions to meet individual’s needs. The platform also provides visibility across a system’s entire population with diabetes so that they can identify at risk patients and proactively intervene in their care.

Diabetes is primarily a self-managed disease. Patients are asked to test their glucose daily and to take medications and modify exercise and diet to maintain their blood glucose in a designated range. Our technology allows patients to better understand their diabetes and to easily tell their story to the healthcare team.

The app is integrated to numerous glucose monitors and wearables to automatically upload and share data with the healthcare team. Consumers get feedback about their data to track progress against their health goals and identify important steps to improve their diabetes management.

Our platform uniquely allows clinicians to visualize the likely effect of medication changes on an individual patient’s outcomes, enabling more targeted and personalized decision-making. Finally, clinicians can directly communicate feedback and encouragement to patients, cost-effectively facilitating a high-touch relationship that has proven to be impactful.