AT&T Security VR Experience

AT&T Security VR Experience

Mobile App & Augmented / Virtual Reality

from Foundry 45

In order to maintain their status as an industry leader, AT&T has always pursued ventures involving cutting-edge technology, and groundbreaking communication techniques. In this instance, the company’s progressive mindset drew them to Foundry 45 to create an engaging Virtual Reality experience for their presentation at the biggest annual industrial technology trade show on the globe: Hannover Messe.

Rather than having their booth operators recite a conventional pitch about AT&T’s digital security capabilities, they transported their visitors to the Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) to experience first hand what it’s like to combat a Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This VR application had a resounding impact on those who donned the headset, and proved to cement AT&T’s message into the heads of those who visited the booth.

Thanks to Foundry 45’s Virtual Reality app, AT&T was able to boost trade show engagement and attract a higher volume of qualified sales leads.