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AMMO’s Sarah Woodward Named “Mobile Women to Watch” by Mobile Marketer™

In 2015, AMMO officially welcomed Sara Woodward as Co-Director and she is already making news! Mobile Marketer™ released its annual “Mobile Women to Watch 2016” awards that honors 25 international executives who are leaders in mobile and Sarah Woodward, Director of Business Development at Atlanta based mobile app development company stable | kernel is on the list.

Below is her excerpt from the full list of women execs being honored:

Educating companies that are slower to adopt mobile can be challenging, especially in terms of explaining the costs associated with software development”

What do you most like about your job?

I love working in a culture of ingenuity and innovation. Stable|kernel’s team of brilliant developers creates tools that revolutionize the way companies do business, and it’s my job to evangelize our story and our clients’ successes. Because our leadership believes in the power of marketing, I have the autonomy to try new ways of reaching target audiences. I am also working on developing new offerings to expand the value we provide to our clients. Navigating those uncharted waters is incredibly exciting.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

Educating companies that are slower to adopt mobile can be challenging, especially in terms of explaining the costs associated with software development. Mobile Marketer Mobile Women to Watch 2016 62 But once they see the value a software solution can bring in terms of driving efficiency, fostering collaboration or developing conversations with new audiences, we can help those brands begin the process in a way that delivers quick wins. While challenging, it’s also one of the more rewarding parts of my job.

What is your work priority for 2016?

My first priority is taking the brand we’ve built in our market and extending awareness nationally. This will allow us to grow our client roster and our staff. With more in-house expertise, our plan is to expand our capabilities and offer a great number of services that builds on the success of our clients’ mobile strategies. What will it take to attract more women to mobile? I think more women leaders have gravitated toward mobile and are carving out their places as industry experts. As marketing has shifted toward mobile, it makes sense that women marketers immersed themselves in the platform and are staying on top of cutting-edge technologies. As more women become executives of organizations, it’s up to us to mentor younger women and ensure our business cultures offer a welcoming environment for them to establish and thrive in mobile careers.

Your proudest achievement in mobile?

In the first year with stable|kernel, we’ve gone from almost no brand awareness to having a reputation for being one of Atlanta’s best development consultancies. I love meeting with new prospects who have heard about the quality of our work and how much existing clients enjoyed working with us. That’s a testament to our amazing design and development teams. Because their work is so strong, it inspires me to be better at my job every day. Together, it’s working.

Since joining the team Sarah has been a great addition, helping in many ways – including bringing additional focus on app development to a marketing focused group.  AMMO Co-Founder Kyle Rollins said “We were really fortunate to have Sarah join the AMMO team last year.  As soon as I met her I knew she would be a perfect fit as she embodies the right mix of marketing savvy with a solid understanding of technology – especially mobile.  We also enjoy our time with each other as a group, so its great to instantly click with another fun personality on a professional level…it just takes the ‘work’ out of working together.”

Co-founder Josh Gertz stated “We love having Sarah on the team.  She was the missing piece that we needed to help us continue to grow AMMO and really take things to that next level.”


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