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Drippitt is a completely automated way for you to follow up with your customers and prospects.

We’ve revolutionized the concept of drip marketing & lead nurturing. Send personalized letters, emails, postcards and more to your customers and prospects without having to lift a finger.

  True Cross Media Marketing Platform

Cross media means sending more than just emails. Your prospects receive letters, postcards, emails and phone calls, all of which are completely customized for your business.

  Completely Automated Marketing

We do everything for you. Simply enter your contact’s information, and each piece in their cross media campaign will go out automatically on a set schedule.

  Fee Free Setup

Setup fees? Nonexistant. Monthly fees? Nope. Pesky Minimums? Nada. You only pay for each contact you enter into the system, whether it’s one or one thousand.

  Customizable Inbound Marketing

Every piece that goes out, from emails to letters, comes from you. It has your contact information, your logo, and your verbiage. We’re completely transparent.

  Ready to Go Lead Nurturing

Professionally designed campaigns are ready for you to use immediately, or you can customize each template to fit your company’s brand identity.

  Thorough Security

You’re safe with us; We use top of the line encryption to protect your account, and your data and account information will never be rented or sold.



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