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Comcastro interviews AMMO’s own directors – Josh Gertz & Kyle Rollins

So if you are involved in Atlanta’s startup community you might have heard of the new podcast called Comcastro.  If you haven’t listened, here is your chance…but be warned, its an hour and half of chatting about the Atlanta Mobile Awards, Atlanta’s startup culture and a few guys playing armchair real estate tycoon with Atlanta’s urban growth – along with our take on the judgmental map of Atlanta.

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While we know 1.5 hours of listening to four local jokers isn’t for everyone, we wanted to let you know that we are promoting the awards and the podcast is there.  We are marketers after all – so we took the opportunity to name drop some of those who have helped us along the way like Jarryd McCree and the team at eBoticon, Moxie Atlanta, the Atlanta Underground Market (AUM), fête, SmartUp Legal, Trish @ Hypepotamus, THRUST InteractiveBen Dyer – one of the founders of ATDC,  The Loft @ Center Stage, Atlanta Tech Village, Make & Build, Atlanta Tech AngelsMacy’s, Definition6AT&TInnovendor and Daddy-O.

Brew a pot of coffee or find another vice, sit back and enjoy listening to our mad world.

Dont’ forget we are still accepting nominations for this years Atlanta Mobile Awards – Sept 3rd at The Loft.



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