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Love for Atlanta – Home of mobile marketing technology

I love Atlanta.  I’m proud to say I live in the BIG ATL.  For 15 years my wife and I have made our married lives here.  We moved here in ‘99 as part of the original .com boom and although we had some early success we experienced both the boom and the bust.  Through all the ups and the downs, new jobs, new kids and new friends the one constant was Atlanta.  I grew up in the NorthEast where the winters are colder, the taxes are higher and everyone is in a big rush to get wherever they are headed…so the pace of Atlanta suits me.  Just fast enough to be an urban metropolis with all the fixings; museums, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping and attractions.  Just slow enough to include some southern charm and personality.  Mix in affordable living and sunny weather from March to November and I’m sold.

Given my open disclosure and bias for my city it should come as no surprise that it kinda ticks me off Atlanta never seems to get the recognition it deserves as a national player in the mobile development and marketing game.  Every day I read the buzz around mobile startups in Silicon Valley and NYC and even LA.  But Atlanta?  Sure we have our own Business Chronicle, AJC and WSB but on the national stage we’re just not in the mix.  Atlanta is a hotbed for startups with focus on mobile technology and we’re the only ones who know it.  Don’t believe me?  Go as the folks at Atlanta Tech Village or ATDC or Hypepotamous or the dozen other incubators housing multiple mobile startups in town.  Then go canvas Alpharetta where the city is investing in an innovation center to attract more startup activity to add to the dozens of new companies that are making the North corridor of ATL the mobile development center of the SouthEast.

The question becomes what to do?  How to we begin to create national attention for the BIG ATL as the BIG MOBILE ATL?  At AMMO we’re cooking up some plans to do just that.  We’ll start by calling out and recognizing the best of the best.  We will create a stage that shows the world what we already know; that some of the most innovative and game changing mobile companies in the world call Atlanta home.

Stay tuned for announcements and get your submission forms ready.  Time to turn the spotlight our way.


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